Recently a childhood friend of mine posted on Facebook about a scammer posing as a police captain:

A lady called my office who was impersonating a captain in the Knoxville police department. She called herself Captain Pamela Taylor. She told me that there was a warrant out for my arrest because of failure to attend jury duty and that I would be arrested today if I didn’t pay $1200 for my bail money. Long story short, I ran myself ragged to “get them the money ” thorough a cash card which I verbally called into them on the phone which they called a verification process.

If you ever have contact with a police officer where you have been accused of a crime, please invoke your right to remain silent and request that you speak to your attorney. Please get a copy of any fine or warrant.  Never give money to anyone other than a Clerk at your local courthouse.

Some scammers call and pose as the IRS.  Again do not give them money. Contact your attorney or call one of the IRS published numbers on The IRS usually only sends mail.

In Kentucky, Attorney General Andy Beshear has started a scam alert service:  You can subscribe by email or text.